23,420 m² of cold storage suitable for all customer requirements

H&B Logistics can provide cold storage rental services to meet all production needs for frozen and cool goods with temperature ranges ranging from -25oC to +15oC.

5 Cold storages with a capacity of 15,120 pallets.

 900m2 buffer room

 10 gates of import/export

The entire equipment was imported from abroad

Technical support is available 24/7

Surveillance camera and fire protection system

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Rent a frozen storage package to ensure food safety

The temperature and time of H&B Logistics' cold storage are always strictly controlled by strict and modern equipment. H&B Logistics cold storage is suitable for storing cold goods.

Goods storage functions support a wide range of cold storage requirements, including:

Milk and dairy products

Seafood and seafood products

Fresh food

Agricultural products and fruits

Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

Cosmetics, etc.

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When sending goods, goods are fully insured.

Cold storage H&B Logistics insures all high-value goods that customers send to the warehouse.

Warehouse management software that achieves international standards

 System of 6 storeys with good bearings

 Automatic fire protection system

 24/7 security camera system

 System for regular insect control

 System of high-quality fireproof panels


Storage in accordance with ISO standards at standard warehouse costs

A high-powered system maintains a constant temperature.

Goods are separated and stored in separate areas to avoid being affected by odors and mutual properties.

The warehouse is uniformly cooled.

Using handheld, scanning for all goods.

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Customers who have used the service



Customers of H&B Logistics are eligible for a special offer.

Free value-added services include lifting and lowering, auxiliary stretching, pallet positioning, and preservation shrink wrap.

Transportation and customs services at a discount

Automatic fire protection system

24/7 security camera system

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